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Do you know what is windows Ceramic Tint for Cars?

Ceramic film is the most commonly searched term in the last years for aftermarket enhancements of new cars, used cars, trucks, and even SUVs. But what exactly is a ceramic tint? And how is it different than other window films?

A ceramic window tint is essentially replacing outdated metallic window tints, which used to block electronic signals like radios, cell phones, and satellite services – XM Radio is a good example. It is a modern film created using advanced technology, high-quality raw materials, and precision manufacturing processes.

There are many types of window tints on the market. Some of them are focused on improving visual appeal, providing UV protection, or blocking infrared light. There are also factory-tinted windows, which look like a tint job but are actually just darkened pigment in the window itself.

They are exceptional at infrared rejection, reducing UV light from entering the interior, and advanced solar protection.

The most often reasons for have a ceramic tint.

Improve heat rejection to keep the inside of your vehicle cooler, without using more resources to operate the air conditioning and improving fuel efficiency.

If you’re investing in a high-quality window film, you want to ensure that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

You want a ceramic window film available in multiple VLTs or shades, allowing you to customize the look and curb appeal of your car, truck, and SUV.

Older metalized window films were notorious for creating blurry visibility. While they did a fantastic job of blocking IR, they would also reduce signal transmission. Reduced visibility is also an issue with regular window films.

Let’s take some time to explore some of the top Ceramic Pro’s KAVACA Ultimate IR attributes like heat reactions, privacy, security, and more.


Benefits of Window Tint

* UV Protection: is that it blocks harmful UV radiation from entering the interior of your car Ceramic window tint can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays reducing the risk of skin cancer, fading of the interior of the car, and other health hazards.

* Heat Reduction and Insulation: Tinting your windows also reduce the amount of heat that enters or leaves the car in winter keeping the interior cooler or warmer and allowing you to rely less on air conditioning and or heating Which can improve fuel economy or battery life.

* Glare Reduction: Tinting your windows reduces the glare from the sun, snow, and other bright surfaces which can enhance visibility and reduce eye fatigue, particularly during long drives.

* Enhanced Privacy: Window tinting provides an added layer of privacy making it more difficult for passerby’s to look inside your car.

* Improved Security: Thicker tints can also prevent windows from shattering in the event of an accident or break-in which can reduce the risk of injury and theft.

* Aesthetic appeal: Tinting your windows also gives your car a sleek, stylish appearance providing a custom look that sets your vehicle apart from others on the road.

* Energy efficiency – By blocking heat and reducing the need for air conditioning, ceramic window tints can help reduce your car’s overall energy consumption.

* Longevity – Ceramic and Carbon window tint is durable and can last longer than other types of tint, which means you won’t need to replace it as it has a lifetime warranty.

* Aesthetics – Ceramic window tint comes in a range of tints and shades that can enhance the look of your vehicle and increase its va

It’s Available in Multiple VLTs or Shades

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Style is essential – especially when choosing the right window tint for your car, truck, or SUV. In fact, it’s estimated that more than half of vehicle owners choose a window film to change the overall look of the car’s windows.


This is typically accomplished by adding a darker shade or VLT – that complies with their individual US state window tint laws.


However, a growing trend is using a 70% VLT or nearly transparent tint – that still features fantastic heat rejection properties.


KAVACA Ultimate IR is offered in multiple VLTs or shades, allowing you to customize the darkness of your windows for improved privacy or lighter shades – without compromising heat rejection.


In fact, KAVACA Ultimate IR has the highest heat rejection percentage of 70% VLTs on the market.

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Lifetime Warranty on Ultimate IR

Ceramic Pro was the company that collaborated with Carfax to establish the Appearance Protection Service reporting feature. It was initially developed and launched in 2018, where certified Ceramic Pro installers could add coating packages to their clients’ VIN.

As we’ve added Paint Protection Film and Ceramic tint, we’ve expanded the Appearance Protection Service reporting options to include these top-notch offerings.

KAVACA Ultimate IR is backed by a Carfax-documented lifetime warranty against adhesive failure, peeling, delamination, fading, and cracking. The warranty is attached to the VIN, which transfers to the new owner if you sell the vehicle.

This benefit is an exceptional resale feature that allows you to increase the asking price vs. similar cars on the market without the Ultimate IR ceramic tint.