Paint Protection Film - PPF

What is PPF?

Paint Protection Film or PPF is a virtually invisible urethane film that is installed on vehicles to protect vehicle paint from damage and degradation. It also helps to maximize resale value with self-healing, and chemical and stain-resistant features.

Each piece of XPEL film is precision-cut to fit your vehicle perfectly with the help of our design access program and plotter. In places where pieces can be folded over for added protection and invisibility, it is folded.

Once installed, it acts as an added layer of protection to your vehicle’s paint, preventing damage from everyday irritants like road debris, and unwanted impact.

PPF Installation by Elements Labs Vancouver

Is it worth is to get PPF for my car?

Yes, it is. If you’re looking for ways to maintain your vehicle’s appearance, Paint Protection Film – PPF protects your vehicle’s paint from damage and premature ageing.

Not only does paint protection film act as a barrier to rocks and scratches, but it is also a barrier to everyday nuisances like bird droppings, tree sap, UV rays, and acid rain, among other things. You can’t control the environment surrounding your car, but you can control how your car handles the environment.


Self Healing

When exposed to heat, scratches and swirl marks fade over time

Stain Resistant

Protects against acidic bird droppings, road grime and graffiti


Superior impact protection from road hazards

Precise Patterns

80,000+ precise vehicle panel patterns available


Comes with a 10 year warranty

XPEL Paint Protection Film Packages

PPF Installation by Elements Labs Vancouver

Extra Add-Ons

With Purchase of Other Package
  • Door Cups 2 Door
  • Door Cups 4 Door
  • Door Edges 2 Door
  • Door Edges 4 Door
  • Rear Bumper Lip
  • Spoiler
  • Piano Trim per set of pillars
  • Headlights
PPF Installation by Elements Labs Vancouver

Standard Package

Minimum Coverage
  • Full Front Bumper
  • Full Hood
  • Full Fenders
  • Mirrors
  • Headlights
  • 10 Year Warranty
PPF Installation by Elements Labs Vancouver

Premium Package

Moderate Coverate
  • Full Front Bumper
  • Full Hood
  • Full Fenders
  • Rocker Panels (including flare)
  • Painted Surface Above Windshield
  • Mirrors
  • Headlights
  • 10 Year Warranty
PPF Installation by Elements Labs Vancouver

Full Package

Maximum Coverage
  • All Exterior Panels
  • 10 Year Warranty

Questions about Paint Protection Film

The cost of paint protection film – PPF installation will vary.  Here are some, but not all, factors to consider:
  • Brand of paint protection film
  • Method of application—free-hand vs kit
  • Level of customization—emblems off vs on, specific areas like piano trim or spoilers
  • Amount of coverage—specific panel vs front end vs full vehicle etc.
  • Type of vehicle—sedan, SUV, truck etc.
Quotes are provided via direct message, email or phone calls.  Most installers can estimate based on your needs.  At Elements Labs, we use only the best products, so we chose XPEL as our PPF of choice.  If you are looking for PPF that is guaranteed to perform, give us a call.

XPEL is our brand of choice. We have worked with many brands and test new products as they come on the market, but XPEL still beats out the rest in our eyes.

XPEL film installers can get exclusive access to a Design Access Program which archives every vehicle’s exact schematics for perfect fitment each time. Installers can customize vehicle kits to fit customer needs, and not have to worry about cutting into paint with free-hand work.

PPF can be waxed, however, make sure the product being used does not contain Naphtha or Kerosene in concentrations over 5% and that the wax does not contain dyes. We recommend using XPEL’s range of products to enhance your PPF as it was designed for XPEL and will not stain, discolour, or damage the film.

XPEL Ultimate Plus has a 10 year Manufacturer’s Warranty that covers a range of issues, including yellowing of the film.

XPEL has a 10 year Manufacturer’s Warranty, which covers staining, yellowing, discolouration, cracking, peeling, bubbling and more. With that said, XPEL can last longer with proper care, as we’ve seen in vehicles we’ve worked on.

After the initial curing phase, you can hand wash your vehicle, or even bring your vehicle in to an automatic car wash. However, it is highly recommended to wash your vehicle by hand. If you have to bring your vehicle to a car wash, we recommend touchless car washes as bristles can damage your film.

If, for any reason, you feel that your install was done incorrectly where there is film peeling, bubbling, cracking etc., please contact us. We will assess your vehicle with you, and make sure the errors are corrected. We stand behind the quality of our work.

While it isn’t overly noticeable, there will be a visible line where the Paint Protection Film – PPF ends if you choose a partial front end wrap. However, if there is a lot of dirt and debris on your vehicle, it will likely gather where the line is, and become more visible.

We customize all of the work that we do, and typically remove emblems before wrapping your vehicle with PPF unless otherwise specified. Vehicles where emblems are screwed into panels will not be removed.

After the initial 3 week curing phase of your install, it is perfectly fine to use a pressure washer on your vehicle so long as the pressure washer isn’t pointing directly at the edge of the film.

Although you can get film and attempt to install it on your own vehicle, it is highly recommended that a certified installer install XPEL PPF on your vehicle. Installation requires a lot of training and experience, which includes understanding the perfect balance of solution and adhesive to film, as well as an understanding of how the film stretches across panels of a vehicle.

Most installers are trained and certified through XPEL and have completed hours of practice to attain satisfactory results. For best results, we recommend consulting with our certified professionals.

XPEL Ultimate Plus will heal so long as the scratch hasn’t pierced through the film. The film is designed to heal against minor abrasions, light scratches and swirls. It will not heal if it is fully damaged and ripped. If this happens, the film on that particular panel will have to be replaced.

Yes, ceramic coating can be applied on top of XPEL PPF. Most ceramic coatings will have protective qualities that will complement PPF, and will not alter the way that PPF performs. Even if the coating is not permanent and wears off, XPEL will retain its protective qualities. We recommend consulting with our experts for the best options.

Once a vehicle has been ceramic coated, the surface energy is reduced, which is what ceramic coating is designed to do.  It is reduced so that dirt and debris do not stick to your vehicle’s surface.  As such, XPEL may not adhere quite as well to that surface.  We recommend removing any types of sealants, waxes or coatings prior to PPF installation to prevent lifting or adhesion issues.

It is highly unlikely that removing PPF will damage your vehicle’s OEM paint. However, if your vehicle has been repainted, there is a slightly higher chance depending on how long the paint was able to cure prior to PPF installation. We recommend speaking to one of our professionals to remove your XPEL PPF.

Yes, you can remove XPEL PPF on your own, however, we do not recommend this. There are published guidelines in order to reduce the risk of damaging your paint. If you must remove it on your own, we recommend following those guidelines as closely as possible. Otherwise, please consult with one of our professionals.

Every vehicle is different

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