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When you start your search to find luxury auto detailing, you will be able to find a range of possibilities near you. But the truth is that very few can offer you the highest and most complete protection in one place.

The Ceramic Pro Americas Elite Dealer initiative was created to provide vehicle owners with that elevated one-stop, upscale local automotive detailing, and protection service.

At elements labs Vancouver, we became terrified of providing a service of the highest quality and with the best products, that is why we went one step further and today we are elite distributors.

We as expert auto restyling professionals exclusively offer Ceramic Pro’s line-up of top-shelf coatings, performance films, and full exterior protection solutions.
Learn more about why Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer is the best option in 2023.

!!All you need in one place¡¡

Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers supply customers with only the best products, such as Ceramic Pro Ion Coatings and KAVACA Performance Films. This makes it incredibly convenient for clients to protect their vehicles comprehensively in one go, saving them time and guaranteeing optimal protection quality.

The Elite Dealer Experience permits car owners to book complete auto detailing appointments with ease, scheduling their PPF, window film, and ceramic coating installation services at the same time.

Only Elite Dealers are allowed to install Ceramic Pro’s cutting-edge Ultimate Armor Package, which comes with a Carfax warranty for the life of the vehicle and protects all its surfaces.

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Complete Automotive Protection

The goal of every successful car detailing business is to offer vehicle detailing packages that are superior to other advanced auto detailing centers. Elite Dealers eclipse all others by elevating vehicle protection to the next level with Ceramic Pro Ultimate Armor™ Package!

This amazing package protects all of your car’s outside surfaces by covering the front with KAVACA Paint Protection Film and coating the rest with a nano-ceramic coating.

This Ceramic Pro lifetime package protects against scratches, road debris, rock chips, oxidation, stains, and fading. Once Certified Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers have installed it, the warranty is attached to the vehicle’s VIN – and documented on its Carfax Vehicle History report.

In the past five years, CERAMIC PRO has been working on integrating advanced manufacturing processes, to create coatings and films that are simply put – elevated and outperform our competition.
These are exclusively offered at Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers. Our Elite Dealers have proven to be industry leaders in their local communities. They have been trained to get a car ready for coatings, paint protection film, and window tint in a quick and professional way.



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An Elevated Customer Experience

When you make an appointment for ceramic coatings, paint protection film, window tint, or all three at the same time, you’ll be welcomed into a clean and elegant detailing shop.

After having your vehicle protected with an Ultimate Armor Package, ION coating, or full PPF installation, we will help you to register your warranty, book your scheduled maintenance services, and is available for routing aftercare service if requested.

Plus, if there are ever questions about how to care for your Ceramic Pro-protected vehicle, we are ready to help teach you which products to use and how to use them.

The fact is – a Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer is by far, your best option for a local luxury auto detailing service. If you’d like to find an elite dealer near you, click the button below.