Car Detailing Services

Let our experts detail your car

When you want your car to shine like new, scratches and swirls to be eliminated, and treatments to rejuvenate your paint and upholstery, let us know and we will deliver you the best results. Here’s how our technicians do it better:

  • PH balanced soap is used on every vehicle
  • We constantly research and test products and techniques to provide best-in-class care
  • Our technicians have years of training and experience
  • We keep longevity in mind when choosing products
  • We are passionate about cars–keeping them clean, caring for them, restoring them to new ones, and seeing our work validated by you, our valued customer.
Car Detailing by Elements Labs Vancouver

What to expect in your Car Detailing?

Our certified technicians provide your vehicle with the ultimate Auto spa experience and treat every vehicle like our own valued possessions. 

When you come in, you are greeted by our welcoming staff who go over your vehicle needs with you in detail so that you know exactly what to expect.  Once work is complete, we provide you with a full walk-around to ensure satisfaction and answer any questions you have until your next visit.

Car Detailing Packages


1.5 Days
  • Exterior: Degrease, Solvent Cleanse, Luxury Hand Wash and Fall Out Removal
  • Wheels: Clean and Tire Shine
  • Windows: Streak Free Clean
  • Interior: Full Deep Vacuum, Wipe Down
  • Rubber Mats: Shampoo and Dry
  • Engine Bay Refresh
  • Leather and Upholstery: decontaminate, shampoo/steam clean, condition
  • Vents and instrument panels: wipe down and clean


2 Days
  • Basic Package Included
  • Process to remove light paint imperfections such as minor swirls marks to increase the gloss factor
  • Exterior: 1 Stage Polish for swirls and minor scratches
  • Interior: Steam clean carpets and upholstery


3 Days
  • Premium Package Included
  • 95-99% Correction Factor
  • Full Paint Correction
  • Prepares vehicle for protective coating
  • Exterior: full paint correction factor to restore paint to as new as possible

Every vehicle is different

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