Ceramic Pro coating is a nano-liquid polymer that is applied to your vehicle’s exterior/interior for added protection.

The liquid polymer chemically bonds with your vehicle’s paint—think of your vehicle’s paint like a golf ball. It has little craters in it that trap dirt and debris. When the ceramic coating is applied, it fills in all of the gaps, creating a fully smooth surface, like an orb.

This surface is what makes ceramic coating so great. Not only does it make your vehicle FEEL smooth to the touch, it means that dirt and debris do not stick on your vehicle’s surface. Even water beads and glides right off.

Black car with Ceramic Pro by Element Labs Vancouver


Yes! With ceramic coating, you’ll never have to polish or wax your vehicle again. Just simply wash regularly with a high-quality vehicle soap, rinse and dry.

You will have your vehicle protected against:


Less debris will stick to the surface and rinsing your car with water easily removes dirt, bird droppings, etc.


It’s permanent, has a lifetime warranty and is noted on Carfax reports which preserves the re-sale value of your car.


Tiny nanoparticles fill pores in your current clear coat to create a high gloss, shiny surface that is easier to maintain than traditional waxing.


UV protection qualities will prevent paint from fading and with proper maintenance, less paint correction will be needed in your vehicle’s lifetime.


Normal clear coat is not nearly as hard as Ceramic Pro 9H – this adds a harder sacrificial layer to protect original coating.

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ion exchange ceramic pro elements labs vancouver



Minimum Protection
  • 1 layer of Nano polish.
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic Pro Light” as protection on all painted, plastic on exterior surfaces.
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic Pro Rain” on all windows.
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper” on rim faces & exhaust tips.

Wheels Off Package

Wheels & Calipers
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic Pro High Temperature Coating” on front and backside of wheels & calipers
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic Pro Top Coat” on the front and backside of wheels & calipers

Interior Package

Stain Protection
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic Pro Leather Coating” on all high traffic leather surfaces
  • 1 layer of “Ceramic Pro Textile Coating” on all high traffic suede & alcantara surfaces


No, only certified technicians can apply Ceramic Pro on your vehicle >>Learn More. Technicians undergo training and certification that allows them to understand how solvent based coatings work, along with the work involved in preparing a vehicle for proper application.

Depending on the condition of your vehicle’s paint, and the package you choose, the application process can take anywhere from 2-5 days.

Our certified technicians begin providing your vehicle with a full luxury hand Car Detailing wash to remove any fillers and waxes. From there, we inspect your vehicle for paint imperfections such as minor scratches, swirls and etches. We polish those out and complete a final wash and dry prior to applying it.

We apply Ceramic Pro Nano Primer, and then begin the application. Between every layer of coating, we let the vehicle cure. After the final coat is applied, our technicians inspect the vehicle one last time with special lights to ensure there are no high spots.

We recommend that scratches and pre-existing damage be repaired with a Paint Correction before the Ceramic Pro application. Although it can be applied over scratches etc, it is not ideal.

Applying it over damaged or scratched areas will seal the damage in, and make it harder to repair later.

Yes, once is applied, you won’t have to polish or wax your vehicle again. You can clean your vehicle easily using cleaners, and achieve a newer vehicle clean without all of the time and work of polishing and waxing.

Yes, Ceramic Pro was designed for surfaces such as your vehicle’s paint. It has a line-up of specific formulas designed for windshields, vinyl, leather etc. for best results. Will not void any manufacturer’s warranty you have on your vehicle.

Yes, will protect your vinyl/wrap from UV rays, chemicals and stains. It is formulated to be self-cleaning, and will make your vehicle easier to maintain as a result.

Yes, once applied, is 3 times harder than your clear coat, so while it doesn’t provide 100% protection, it will be more durable than your clear coat alone. Consider a combination of PPF and Ceramic Pro Coating for superior protection against rock chips.

Depending on the package that you purchase, could be a permanent solution.

Feel free to talk with one of our certified professionals for more information. Contact us.

No, is designed to be a permanent solution and can not be washed off. It will need to be wet sanded and polished in order to be removed.

You can wash your vehicle as you would normally. However, if you go to automatic car washes, we recommend TOUCH-LESS car washes.

Car washes with brushes often will have dirt and debris in the bristles which will create swirls and scratches, even on harder surfaces. We also recommend bringing your vehicle in for an annual inspection.

Although an annual service is not required, we recommend bringing your vehicle in for an annual inspection so that our certified technicians can ensure your ceramic coating is performing optimally.

In addition, we offer Ceramic Booster services to enhance your ceramic coating’s look and performance over time.