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At Elements Labs, we are dedicated to helping you keep your vehicle looking and feeling new with our services. Our number one priority is taking care of your concerns so that you can drive freely and without worry, wherever your journey takes you. 

Life is busy enough—let maintaining your vehicle’s cleanliness and look be one less thing to put on your to-do list. We offer Car Detailing Services, Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection Film, Windows Tint, Vinyl Wraps, Wheels colour changes and more.

Paint Protection Film instalado en Lamborghini amarillo

Paint Protection Film

An invisible, self-healing polyurethane film installed to protect your vehicle from rock chips, scratches, chemicals and more!

Mercedez black with PPF mate installed by elements labs vancouver.

Paint Protection Film- PPF

Our choice in PPF for the best self-heal technology, clarity, and super hydrophobic and non-yellowing properties. CERAMIC PRO KAVACA comes in both a gloss and satin finish.

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Window Tinting

Whether you want your windows dark or you’re tinting for UV protection and heat reflection, we’ve got you covered.  We use CERAMIC PRO full line up of tint from Prime CERAMIC IR to CARBON CS ceramic tint to suit your everyday needs.

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A black car with ceramic pro applied by Elements Labs Vancouver

Nano Coatings

Nano coating provides your vehicle with an added layer of protection against scratches, swirls, UV rays, chemicals and dirt!  With self-cleaning properties, ceramic coating will keep your vehicle looking newer for longer.


Revivify’s self-healing graphene protection is a step above ceramic coating.  While ceramic coating boasts hardness at 9H, graphene has the hardness factor, but also flexibility.  With their formula, swirls and small scratches will heal with the application of heat, much like with PPF.

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Ceramic Pro

Ceramic Pro provides permanent protection against scratches and swirls, acting as an added layer of support that is 3 times harder than your paint’s clear coat, 9H to be exact. It also provides an ultra gloss finish, and has self-cleaning technology to make maintenance easy for years to come.

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Vehicle Colour Change​

Choose a non-permanent option to get the look you want for your vehicle! We can cover just about any part of the paint of your vehicle: the panels, chrome, rims, calipers or even the interior!


Top quality wrap vinyls such as 3M and Avery are used to completely change the look of your vehicle, changing its colour and texture for a unique ride.

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Mercedes Benz with chrome delete trim by Elements Labs

Chrome Delete

Getting rid of chrome has never been easier.  Our technicians will customize the look of your vehicle, removing chrome, using all of the latest technology.

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Wheel Colour Change

Get an extra layer of protection while also customizing the look of your rims and calipers.

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Automotive Details

Eliminate cosmetic defects such as scratches, rock chips, swirls, holograms, etches, orange peel, stains, oil and dirt to get your vehicle shining like new again.

Car polish by Elements Labs

Paint Correction

The most important step before applying a protective coating to your vehicle, is correcting any paint imperfections.

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Detail Packages

A day at the spa for your vehicle! Get a deep clean, inside and out from our professional technicians that you can’t get with an automatic car wash.

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Rim Repair

Fix curb rash, scratches, remove rust and apply a protective coating to prevent future rim damage. Learn more »

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